Parts and Components

  • Transmission Device
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    Transmission Device

    The composition and arrangement of the drive system varies depending on the type of engine, the position of installation, and the use of the vehicle.Read More
  • Motor Display
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    Motor Display

    According to their use of the environment and the use of different frequency, the form is also different, the current electric vehicle motor universal use of permanent magnet DC motor to improve the motor electromechanical conversion efficiency can reduce the driving current...Read More
  • Controller Display
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    Controller Display

    Electric vehicle controller is used to control the start of electric car motors, run, forward and backward, speed, stop, and other core electronic devices electric vehicle control device , it is like electric brain , are important components of the electric vehicle .Read More
  • Engine Display
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    Engine Display

    According to its using environment and use frequency is different , have different forms . Different forms of motor that its characteristic is different also . At present the permanent magnet DC motor widely used electric motor , so that improve the efficiency of themotor...Read More
  • Charging System Display
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    Charging System Display

    It consists of the alternator, regulator (which is usually mounted inside the alternator) and the interconnecting wiring.The purpose of the charging system is to maintain the charge in the vehicle's battery, and to provide the main source of electrical energy while the...Read More
  • Power Battery System Display
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    Power Battery System Display

    Power lithium battery can discharge to the equipment, models, vehicles and other driven lithium-ion battery, mainly used in a variety of vehicles, ships, aircraft and other internal combustion engine start?Read More
  • Storage Battery
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    Storage Battery

    This unique battery that can be charged and can be used repeatedly, so called "lead-acid battery", so now the vast majority of electric car filled with lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries because of the low cost, cost-effective high.Read More
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