Intelligent Transportation Industry

  • Pedelec
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    For the pedelec, it is only allowed to run in the power mode, it must be "human + power" of the hybrid output is not a pure electric mode. The reason why only allowed to use power mode, drive mode because the power effectively to ensure the safety and reliability of...Read More
  • Electric Vehicles
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    Electric Vehicles

    EV is an environment-friendly product ,zero emission ,no pollution,high saving ,low driving cost , energy transformation on ratio of EV 90%.Read More
  • Electric Automobile
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    Electric Automobile

    electric automobile is propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device.Read More
  • UAV
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    Micro UAV is a smaller than birds.The so-called MAV refers wingspan and length less than 20 cm of unmanned aerial vehicles, the largest of which is about the size of a swallow, the smallest of insects and similar. MAV from the principle, design and manufacture different from...Read More
  • Balancing scooter
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    Balancing scooter

    Balance car is a type of novel environment friendly, fashionable and intelligent travel tool that has become developed in recent years.Staff will drive urban transport to provide you with more efficient and quality service, let us feel the new "technology...Read More
  • Balancing Scooter E-commerce Platform
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    Balancing Scooter E-commerce Platform

    Product description A self-balancing scooter is a self-balancing personal transport vehicle that is connected by two electric wheels to a pair of hinged pads on which the rider places his feet. The rider controls the speed by tilting forward or backward and controls the...Read More
  • Smart Moped Scooter
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    Smart Moped Scooter

    Electric scooters is very energy-saving, quick charging and long range capability. Vehicle styling beautiful, easy operation, driving safer. For those who prefer the easy life for a friend who is absolutely an option to add a little more life fun.Read More
  • E-tricycle
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    Powered by electricity, the maximum design speed is greater than 50km / h, the vehicle curb weight of no more than 400kg of three-wheeled motorcycle.Read More
  • Solar Powered Bike
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    Solar Powered Bike

    Electric car is a kind of electricity-powered car, the general use of lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries for power. The solar electric car is on this basis, the conversion of solar energy into electricity for cars powered largely reduce the cost of electric...Read More
  • E-Bike
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    Electric bicycles are power-driven and human-driven dual-use green transport. Human-driven electric bicycle is the same as the ordinary operation of the electric drive is equipped with electric bicycle batteries for energy through the controller to control motor rotation to...Read More
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