Lithium Batteries For Electric Bikes

Lithium Batteries For Electric Bikes

With a big exhibition of various high-tech products, South China Electric Vehicle Exhibition is represent the industrial technology and innovation of chinese electric cycles! At this show you will see the latest and best products,whatever you look for in electric cycles'industry,you could find everything you need here !

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1. Life expectancy is twice that of lead-acid batteries. Lighter weight.
2. No memory effect and chargeable. The battery pack has a longer life.
3. Safer, more environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals and hazardous materials. Environmentally friendly.
4. Built-in BMS system can prevent battery pack overcharge, over discharge, over current, overheat, short circuit.
5. Before the issuance, over discharge test, over charge test, short circuit safety test, extrusion safety test.
6. Customers can also customize imported batteries by using high quality power batteries.
7. Up to 1 year warranty after receipt.

·Electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles, electric scooters
·Electric boats, trolling boats, etc.
·Industrial and military robots
·Remote data transmission system
·Satellite communication station
·pilot-less airplane
· Power tools such as drilling, cutting and polishing tools
·The power supplier of the training system

1. Fast speed: can support high power motor
2. High voltage: Use 10 series batteries, which can reach 42 batteries when fully charged.
3. Long life cycle: The dual life cycle of lead acid battery life can usually be used for 2 - 5 years.
4. With BMS protection function: prevent: overcharge, over discharge, overheat and overvoltage, overvoltage, short circuit.
5. Easy to install: easy to install into a variety of devices.
6. Aluminum alloy case: stronger, protect the battery from damage.

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